History of the Stores

Rudy Pape, founder of Rudolph's Shoes, started as a sales clerk for Sampson's Shoes in Sheldon, Iowa. Later he and his wife, Marion, managed his first store in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. They then returned to Sheldon and managed the store there. Upon the death of Mr. Guy Sampson in 1962, Rudy bought Sampson Shoes renaming it Rudolph's Shoes. Today Rudolph's operates a store in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and a store in Sioux City, Iowa.


1953: Rudy Pape sells his first pair of shoes as a sales clerk for Sampson’s Shoes in Sheldon, Iowa

1962: Upon the death of Guy Sampson, Rudy Pape and wife, Marion, purchase Sampson’s Shoes in Sheldon, Iowa renaming it Rudolph’s shoes

1970: Rudolph’s expands to Western South Dakota and opens a store in Rapid City; the store is managed by Leroy Van De Stouwe

1974: Van De Stowe Purchases the Rapid City store and continues to operate it today

1980: Rudolph’s Shoes opens a men’s and women’s footwear store in the Southern Hills Mall in Sioux City. At this time Rudy and Marion were joined by their eldest son, Mike, who is owner and general manager today

1995: Rudolph’s expands to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is currently managed by Heath Bills and staff

2000: Rudolph’s of Sioux City moves to a free standing store outside the Southern Hills Mall and has been managed by Rae Marie Pendergast since 1980

2007: The Papes open Rudolph’s Sister store, New Balance of Omaha, offering Omaha’s largest variety of New Balance footwear and apparel.